Open Standards: Anchoring Extensibility for Cloud-Native Tooling

Track A 2021/11/05 12:40-13:00

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Within its 7 years of existence, Kubernetes has been the centerpiece of the Cloud Native landscape, elevating a pluggable system that contributed to the diversification of the entire ecosystem. As a result, multiple areas have developed in the industry, galvanizing solutions for components such as runtime, tracing, metrics, service mesh, and many more. However, to accommodate the expanding space of cloud-native tooling, it was necessary to introduce standardization and guidelines to simplify the interoperability and consumption of these tools. This talk will focus on the evolution of open standards and manifestos within the cloud-native landscape, including OCI, OpenTelemetry, Open Service Mesh, Open Application Model, and many more. Attendees will acquire an understanding of why open standards are pivotal in the path towards the extensibility of cloud-native tooling.

Katie Gamanji
Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Ecosystem Advocate

Katie is the Ecosystem Technical Advocate at CNCF or Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Katie's focus within this role is to grow and lead the End User Community while bridging the gap with other ecosystem units, such as project maintainers, TOCs, and SIGs. In the past roles as a cloud platform engineer, Katie has build platforms that gravitate towards cloud-native technologies and principles, with Kubernetes as the focal point. These projects started with the automation of application delivery on OpenStack-based infrastructure, which transitioned into the creation of a centralized, globally distributed platform at Condé Nast and American Express.

Additionally, Katie is the creator/instructor of the Cloud Native Fundamentals Udacity course and is on the advisory board for Keptn, a CNCF sandbox project.