Observability: Achieving Lightning-Fast Queries and 1/100th Resource Utilization with Open Source Tools

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初級者   Operation / Monitoring / Logging

Developers spend a lot of compute and storage resources for their observability needs. In this talk we introduce an apache 2.0 licensed open source observability database SigLens. SigLens is 1025x faster than ElasticSearch and uses 100x less resources than Splunk. Using OpenTelemetry we will walk you through practical examples of how you can add visibility into your application. This will help you find which endpoint or microservice is performing the slowest, debugging errors that a small percentage of your users are experiencing and much more. OpenTelemetry paired with open source observability tools is a sweet combination. By using free open source software and a little bit of effort on your side you can completely change how your app behaves in real world.

Kunal Nawale

Kunal Nawale is a Founder/CEO of SigLens. Previously he worked as Observability Architect at Salesforce responsible for providing monitoring solutions to 10,000+ salesforce engineers. Kunal has spent 20+ years in software development. He has been mentoring young engineers for the past 12+ years. Kunal did his Bachelors from University of Pune, and M.S. from UMass Lowell, USA