Identify and reduce costs of Cloud observability while preserving visibility

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初級者   Operation / Monitoring / Logging

Software contributes to 1% of global carbon emissions. It is estimated that by 2040 this number will rise to 13%. Majority of software companies spend about 20% of their cloud budget on logs and metrics. It is spent on producing, transporting, storing and querying this data. In this talk we will give you practical tips on how to keep this volume in control without losing visibility. Developers are always faced with the dilemma of deleting or keeping the log line. Not knowing whether they will need it when production issues arise.

Kunal Nawale

Kunal Nawale is a Founder/CEO of SigLens. Previously he worked as Observability Architect at Salesforce responsible for providing monitoring solutions to 10,000+ salesforce engineers. Kunal has spent 20+ years in software development. He has been mentoring young engineers for the past 12+ years. Kunal did his Bachelors from University of Pune, and M.S. from UMass Lowell, USA